Uncover the Secret: The Most Overlooked Step When Building an App

Uncover the Secret: The Most Overlooked Step When Building an App

Discover the hidden secret to app development success.

The often overlooked, yet crucial step that most people skip – asking questions!

Whether you're a software developer or a non-coder on a mission to build the next big thing.

Take heed and don't fall into the same trap as countless others.

Often, individuals jump straight into coding or creating elaborate mock-ups without taking the time to ask important questions.

However, asking questions should be a top priority in the initial stages of app development.

This oversight can occur among both coders and non-coders who are eager to build a digital product.

Put on your detective hat and start asking questions.

By asking questions from the get-go, you unveil the roadmap that leads straight to user adoption.

By asking the right questions, you'll unlock the key insights needed to create an app that truly resonates with your audience.

There is an art and science of asking the right kind of questions.

You see, whether you're asking potential clients, users, or even yourself, the questions you ask can make all the difference.

Asking the right questions can uncover the correct information needed to create features/ use cases for the development process.

So, let's dive right in and discover the power of asking the right questions!

Let's say you are building a car share app.

You want to know what type of feature/use case will be in the app.

Questions to determine the features/use case of the car share app.

  1. What is the objective or action you want the user to be able to do?

  2. Who is the individual that you want to be able to do this?

  3. What else does this user need to be able to do?

  4. Is there another party (or other parties) involved in this process?

  5. What do they need to be able to do?

  6. What should happen after someone does that action?

Tip: Before starting any coding or requesting your developers to begin coding.

It is highly recommended to ask questions and gather information about the desired features and use cases for your application.

These questions serve as a valuable tool in the app development process.

By asking comprehensive questions and obtaining detailed answers, you can effectively identify the necessary feature set, ultimately saving significant time and resources.

Feel free to ask as many questions as necessary, as the discovery of requirements lies within the questioning and answering process.

Taking this approach will greatly contribute to building a successful app.

Now here are some examples of sample answers.


  1. The objective or action the user should be able to do is to request a ride using an Uber-like system.

  2. The individual who wants to be able to do this is the user, who needs a reliable and convenient transportation service.

  3. In addition to requesting a ride, the user needs to be able to specify their pickup location and destination, choose a vehicle type (if available), and optionally provide any additional instructions or preferences for the driver.

  4. Yes, there are other parties involved in this process. The primary parties are the driver who will fulfill the ride request and the Uber-like system, which acts as a platform connecting the users with the drivers.

  5. The driver needs to be able to receive ride requests, view the user's pickup location and destination, and navigate to the user's location for pickup. The Uber-like system also needs to manage the driver's availability, assign rides to drivers, and handle payment transactions.

  6. After someone requests a ride, the Uber-like system should search for available drivers in the vicinity, assign the nearest driver to the user's request, provide the user with an estimated time of arrival, and display the driver's details (name, photo, vehicle information) to the user. Once the driver arrives at the pickup location, the user should be notified, and they can proceed with the ride. Payment is usually handled automatically through the Uber-like system, with options for cashless transactions, and the user can rate and provide feedback on the driver and overall experience after the ride is completed.

After conducting the Q&A session, it is crucial to take your notes and organize them in a clear and readable manner.

This step involves distilling the information down to its essence and ensuring that the notes are well-structured and coherent.
To aid in visualizing the gathered information, you can create a mind map or a comprehensive list of features and modules.

The key aspect here is to emphasize the importance of organizing your notes for clarity, making it easier to identify and understand the relevant details.

Additionally, it is essential to filter and refine the list of features, ensuring that only the most pertinent ones are included.

Remember, successful app development starts with a solid foundation of knowledge and understanding.

Taking the time to ask questions and gather requirements upfront will save time, effort, and resources in the long run.

Take a step back from the rush to start coding or designing, and invest time in the art of questioning.

It is through this process that you can save time and money in building your app.